Who am I?

My name is … well, there starts the story of how uniquely me I am, and the birth-place of my Artist’s Title in ‘Chameleon’. I am adopted, and was born as an Autumn, who picked the name Lindsey, and has 8 legal names! I was raised by an affluent family, and the type that I call, ‘white picket fence’. I, feeling however forever the outsider and black sheep. I am not someone who fits into a box, or a type, or a genre. I have always felt the need to withdraw and don a mask for whatever situation it fits. I don’t say this with shame, but wonder at such a coping skill. I am able to adapt, and flow into most situations and feel comfortable. Not because the mask I wear is fake, but because I have used my past experiences to find a common ground.

In past seasons I have been afraid to label, and or admit to this side of me. I know see it as one of my greatest skills, and a tool I use daily. I believe if we all sit with the question, ‘Do I have masks I wear for different situations?’ we will all find ourselves saying yes.

I am putting this transition into art, and a different type of creating than I have ever done. I discovered my love of visual story telling through photography. I live for dirt roads, and places less traveled. I however am in a season where I am unable to leave my nest very often, if at all. Adventuring and creating is becoming something I do differently.

These metallics are all based on my photographs, as well as a reflection of the season that I am in. Most often these start with a picture of mine in mind, and a heart rhythm of the day. Some days and waves much more chaotic than others.

Being able to create in this way has saved me. It is helping me to don a mask of creation and boldness. I am able to put the hard to paper. I am able to remember the times that I had grit and grim in my teeth from the dirt roads that saved me too. I know that the days of adventuring on the back roads of my favorite places, with my favorite people is coming again soon; until that day I use those images to bring to you here. Adapt and overcome, a motto I have once in another season sworn and lived by. Here are the sides of me, the many Lindsey Autumn’s on a page, and created to release the intensity of the hardest season of my entire life. So, fill you glass with some of my life’s lemonade in the following images.

I hope you enjoy.

Lindsey Autumn; Chameleon